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Special Effects Makeup

Viewer discretion is advised. Everything you will see below is makeup and serves as examples of both the basic and advanced special effects makeups. There is also some examples of prosthetics I have made too. The products used to create the looks vary but can include 3rd Degree (a platinum based and skin safe silicone), Gelatin (which can contain sorbitol and/or glycerin), Nose and Scar Wax, or Liquid Latex. Depending on the length you intend to wear the look, the adhesive used to apply the products can be the product itself or liquid latex, spirit gum, pros-aide, or eye lash glue. These materials can be painted with alcohol based makeup or creme based makeup. ​My mission is to offer my clients everything they need to look and feel their creepiest. Please inform me of any allergies you have prior to scheduling an appointment for a special effects makeup look.

Special Effects Makeup: Bio
Special Effects Makeup: Gallery
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